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    Travel tips for the trip El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Philippines

    Unlike neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore, the current time from January to April, the weather in the Philippines is very favorable to travel because of the cool air, beautiful sunshine, dry weather and little In the rain, going to activities with the sea is very reasonable.

    That is why many people choose to come to Philippines at the present time, the destination that many people probably like and travel a lot is El Nido and Coron, two parts of the island located in the Palawan cluster, Southern Luzon in the Philippines, famous for beautiful scenes, emerald mountains rising above the sea, lagoons and diverse and well-preserved marine ecosystems. Especially Coron if anyone likes diving.

    El Nido Coron in Palawan Philippines travel tips

    Once upon a time when World War II broke out, the Emperor’s warships north of Manila were attacked by American planes and fled on the Busuanga island cluster, however, the US still discovered and dropped bombs to make them sunk more than a dozen Japanese warships, sunk under the island cluster near Coron. That’s why there are currently many diving tours going on in Coron, anyone who loves diving can dive deep and see the wrecks of old battleships, along with the unique marine ecosystem surrounding the ship.

    Today I would like to write a guide on how to travel and Travel tips for the trip from Manila to El Nido – Coron -Palawan, Philippines

    El Nido Coron in Palawan Philippines travel tips

    Travel tips for the trip El Nido – Coron in Palawan, Philippines

    1. Travel from Manila – El Nido – Coron – Manila

    Manila – El Nido

    After flying to Manila, you can choose to have a rest day in Metro Manila or you can fly directly to El Nido.
    There are two most popular ways to go to El Nido:
    – Direct flight: Air Swift, direct flight Manila – El Nido, but the ticket price is quite expensive.
    – Book a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa, after leaving the airport, you can go to Van to El Nido takes about 5 hours with 500 php (usually budget travelers or choose this option to save costs)

    El Nido – Coron

    To travel between El Nido and Coron, the only option is to take a 3.5-4 hour fast train. Currently, there are only two private companies providing fast train services on the El Nido – Coron route: Montenegro and Phimal.

    The downside is that the ticket price is quite expensive 1760php per person, 1500php for students, but only applies to students in the Philippines.

    El Nido Coron in Palawan Philippines travel tips

    There is a very bad point at El Nido and Coron that is the sea is quite rough and there are no public ships to go to make the cost cheaper, so the other two companies have quite high prices. At the same time in the high season, tourists book tickets quite a lot and both airlines will be full tickets 2 to 3 days before, the risk is that if one shipping line fails, tourists rush to book the other airline. will be full up to 5 6 days. Last time I saw many groups and people stuck at El Nido or Coron island because the ship was broken and had to book another plane ticket or find a way to leave the island very tired. Check out Review a 7-day Cebu Philippines road trip itinerary in 2023

    That’s why any group that travels with many people should go to El Nido or Coron, book tickets always, avoid booking before the date of departure, if there are no tickets, you will miss the plan.

    Coron – Manila

    From Coron back to Manila, you can book a plane ticket from Cebu Pacific, but the ticket price is quite high and there are not every day flights (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only).

    Regarding the cheaper way to go to Manila, those of you who are not afraid of going to the sea for a long time can consider the option of taking a train, which takes 15 hours straight to Manila.

    The Coron – Manila train route has 2 operating lines:
    Atienza Shipping Lines: there are 3 flights from Coron – Manila:

    • Monday: 2:30pm
    • Thursday: 2:30pm
    • Saturday: 6:00 pm

    El Nido Coron in Palawan Philippines travel tips

    The advantage is many trips, however, this train is half a freighter and carries passengers, so it depends on whether the train route from Manila arrives on schedule or not. Ticket price 1000 php . This option is the cheapest but the airline can cancel the trip at any time.

    The second company is 2Go travel, this airline you can book tickets online at , the afternoon from Manila will be every Friday and the return from Coron to Manila is every Sunday. The train is very big and beautiful, traveling extremely safe, not tired at all.
    Ticket prices depend on the class you choose, ranging from 1200 php to 1800 php.

    The above 2 airlines are very popular, so it may be full of tickets, but can’t wait until next week, you can choose the option (this way I went) but few people go but still ok this is:

    Take the train from Coron to San Jose (occidental Mindoro) located in the Mindoro island cluster just below Manila. This train is operated by Bunso Transport, you ask the office at Coron and buy tickets directly, the fare is 900php , the travel time is 6 hours.

    To Sanjose, you take the tricycle to the Grand Bus terminal and take the Roro or Parnas bus straight to the Pasay or Cubao bus terminal in Manila. This bus has air conditioning, semi sleeper, very nice and comfortable, sleeps quite well, fare is 1100 php.

    Going in the opposite direction from Manila – Coron – El Nido – Puerto Princesa, you can also consider the above options but in the opposite direction.

    2. Ways to go to Coron when stuck at El Nido and no train to Coron while the plane ticket from Coron to Manila has been booked.

    Some people I met in Coron got stuck at EL Nido due to no train going out to Coron had to go by different ways to get to Coron due to no direct flight from El Nido – Coron.

    El Nido – Clark International Airport – Manila – Coron

    This way you have to fly 2 flights, quite expensive but still cheaper than flying El Nido – Manila – Coron.

    Book a flight from El Nido to Clark International Airport (CRK), from where you take a 2-hour van back to Manila and fly to Coron.

    El Nido – Sanvicente – Coron
    The second way you can go from El Nido to the city of San Vicente is located just below, along with the Palawan island cluster. Here you can check tickets for Air Juan flights directly to Coron. However, it is not every day that there is a flight to Coron from here.

    El Nido Coron in Palawan Philippines travel tips

    3. What tour to take in El Nido and Coron

    To El Nido and Coron, usually if you go with a group or solo, you have to go on a tour to see all the beauty of these two islands.
    Tours in El Nido have quite a few tours, each tour will give you a different experience. Tour A leans towards scenery, lagoons,… Tour B and D is trekking to explore caves, miscellaneous waterfalls,… Tour C leans towards the sea and diving, diving, marine ecosystems you will see very easy on tour C.

    Mainly I find the most popular is still tour A and tour C, you can go both or less time, go 1 of 2, after these 2 tours, you won’t be too attached to El Nido anymore. The price of tour A and C is about 1200 php and 1300 php, however, you have to pay 200 php more for the environment fee. Each tour will be daily from 9 am -5 pm, with lunch, they will cook for you on board, the food is quite diverse, from chicken, pork, fish and crab,…

    Tours in Coron are less, but I find it not as difficult to choose as in El Nido. Most people who come will choose Coron Ultimate tour, you will get to go to about 7 hot spots near Coron including, Twins Lagoon, Wreck ship,…7 islands,… as well as lunch.

    Book a tour in Coron, you also pm Mr. Brandon to book a tour, I went on his tour, 1400 php / 1 person, the price is not the cheapest but worth the money, full food, variety, tour guide good and good boat, especially snorkelling gear will be free and very good, not leaking water while diving.

    Tour diving in Coron or El Nido, the price ranges from 1200-4000 php depending on how many times you will be diving. If anyone likes diving, take a tour in Coron.

    El Nido and Coron are 2 places worth going, personally I prefer Coron because it is less touristy than El Nido, especially with Tapas peak, giving you an extremely beautiful sunset and sunrise view… Find out Top 5 tourist destinations you can’t miss when travelling to the Philippines

    El Nido Coron in Palawan Philippines travel tips

    Hopefully with the above Travel tips for the trip El Nido,Coron in Palawan, Philippines you will have a smooth trip to the Philippines. Don’t forget to bookmark my blog to read the latest posts.


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