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    Top 5 safest travel destinations in Europe

    The Countries with a reputation for peace, low risk of danger and reduced crime rates, will be the place where visitors enjoy the safest and most comfortable vacation.

    Usually, tourists tend to prefer safe destinations over others. Capturing that mentality, a new study conducted by Gamblino assessed destinations to help travelers be selective about where to visit and feel less anxious about the trip.

    To determine the safest places to travel in Europe, they analyzed nine metrics that matter to how safe a region is. These include factors such as homicide rates, the risk of assaults and road deaths, a country’s susceptibility to natural disasters, and its position in the Global Peace Index. bridge.

    The study ranked each country on a 10-point scale for each factor, then added them together to reveal the total score. The lower the score, the safer the country.

    The top 5 safest travel destinations in Europe are in the list below

    1. Switzerland

    Gamblino safety index: 45


    According to research by Gamblino, the title of the safest place to travel in Europe is Switzerland. The country is praised for having remarkably low rates of violent crime, corruption and road deaths. In addition, Switzerland also has the lowest risk of natural disasters and is known as one of the peaceful lands in the world.

    Not only safe, this country also owns a picturesque landscape with breathtaking mountains, lakes, quaint villages… Among them, the Jungfrau, Jura and Swiss national parks are the areas with the most notable attractions.

    2. Iceland

    Gamblino safety index: 47.4


    As one of the youngest countries in the world, Iceland’s geology is still evolving to this day, making it fascinating to explore.

    With volcanoes, geysers, geothermal springs, glaciers and waterfalls dotting the country, visitors will truly feel the amazing power of nature here. From the black sands of Reynisfjara beach, all the way to the Blue Lagoon geothermal minerals to Reykjavik, Iceland is where you’ll get truly worthwhile experiences.

    As Europe’s 2nd safest country on this list, Iceland has a low crime rate, high quality of life and a long history of peace. The country has topped the Global Peace Index every year since 2008.

    3. Norway

    Gamblino safety index: 47.9


    Entering the top 3 of this ranking is Norway, a country famous for its law, social order and peace. This vast country has an innovative capital city, dramatic scenery and a Viking heritage, one of Europe’s most treasured possessions.

    Whether you’re cruising through the majestic fjords, searching for Michelin-starred restaurants in Trondheim or visiting Bodø (the first European Capital of Culture located in the Arctic Circle), a trip Coming to Norway will always be unforgettable.

    According to statistics, there are only 2 traffic accidents on average per 100,000 people, so if you want to experience cross-country driving in Norway, you will be able to somewhat feel secure and comfortable. on this journey of discovery.

    4. Denmark

    Gamblino safety index: 49.4


    Denmark is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world, where people live with respect for the principles of hygge (related to comfort, health and well-being) and lykke (meaning is pleasure).

    You can find the core values of both these philosophies of life in the cafes of Copenhagen, on the cobbled streets of Aarhus and Odense or a picnic on the beach overlooking the North Sea.

    With low levels of traffic violence and accidents, as well as a generally peaceful and inclusive society, visiting Denmark is a new and exciting experience.

    5. Luxembourg

    Gamblino Safety Index: 50


    Although influenced by French, German and Flemish culture, the small landlocked country of Luxembourg has a culture of its own. In the capital of the same name, visitors can visit the old town and get to the riverside Grund in one quick ride with a glass elevator. The outskirts of the city are where you’ll find vineyards, hiking trails, and mouthwatering food.

    Luxembourg has a very low risk of natural disasters and has the lowest fatal crime rate on the continent. Along with that, residents and tourists both benefit from personal freedoms and are treated openly.


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