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    The latest Moc Chau Vietnam travel experience 2023


    As we step into 2023, it’s time to start planning our next travel adventure. If you’re looking for a new destination to explore, consider Moc Chau, Vietnam. This mountainous area in the northwest of Vietnam is a perfect escape from the bustling cities and offers a serene landscape that is sure to rejuvenate your soul. Here are some tips and insights to help you make the most of your Moc Chau travel experience in 2023.

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    How to get Moc Chau

    The distance from Hanoi to Moc Chau is only about 200 km. There are many ways to go from Hanoi to Moc Chau such as by bus, limousine, motorbike or car. If you take a bus, you can choose the routes to Son La from My Dinh or Yen Nghia bus stations, then get off at Moc Chau with a ticket price of about 200,000 VND.

    In Moc Chau, you can rent a motorbike to move for about 120,000-150,000 VND/day, or travel by taxi because the distance between some tourist destinations is not too far apart.

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    The best time to visit Moc Chau

    Located nearly 200 km from the center of Hanoi, Moc Chau is known as the “Northwest muse”. Each season, this place brings its own beauty and attraction.

    Favored by nature, Moc Chau possesses a fresh and cool climate all year round. From the season of peach blossoms, plum blossoms, apricot blossoms … race to bloom, blooming all the way to the season of strawberries, ripe persimmons…

    In particular, in May, Moc Chau enters the season of ripe plums. This is the ideal time for visitors to pick and enjoy the ripe plums right in the garden.

    The best places to visit in Mochau

    Moc Chau has countless check-in and discovery points. For the best experience, you should research the locations in advance and plan a specific schedule. Here are 5 attractive check-in places, visitors should not miss when coming to Moc Chau.

    Chieng Khoa Waterfall

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    Chieng Khoa Waterfall is located in Chieng Khoa Commune, Van Ho District, about 20 km from the center of Moc Chau. The scenic spot features unspoiled scenery, emerald green water, and rich vegetation.

    Ang Village Pine Forest

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023
    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    Pine forest is located in the area of Ang village in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province, 2 km from the center of Moc Chau town. The forest has a total area of up to 43 hectares with fresh air and green pine scenery.

    Bach Long Glass Bridge

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    Awarded the certificate of “The longest walking glass bridge in the world” by the Guinness World Records Organization, Bach Long Glass Bridge possesses a modern design with a 632m-long glass walkway. Bach Long Glass Bridge belongs to Moc Chau Island tourist area, a complex of amusement parks in the majestic space of the Northwest mountains.

    Heart tea hill

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023
    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    Located on the way to the Ngu Dong On village, about 15 km from the farm town of Moc Chau, the heart-shaped tea hill is a place that attracts visitors to check-in. Admiring the natural scenery in the middle of a large, green space is an unforgettable peaceful experience.

    Plum garden

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023
    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    In May, Moc Chau plum garden in the early days of the season. Hand-picking ripe red plums, feeling the cool air and enjoying the characteristic sour and crunchy flavor of this fruit right in the garden is an interesting experience that should not be missed when coming here. Some famous plum gardens in Moc Chau such as Mu Nau valley, Na Ka plum valley, Co Keo plum valley, Phieng Khoang plum valley…

    What to eat in Moc chau?

    Accommodation in Moc Chau varies from eco-lodge to homestay-style community guesthouse. Some famous places to stay in Moc Chau include MAMA’s House, The Nordic Village, Moc Chau Retreat, Moc Chau Arena Village…

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023 

    The price of a room ranges from 300,000-1 million VND/night. In the peak tourist season, to get quality accommodation, visitors should call to book rooms in advance.

    Moc Chau travel experience 2023

    In addition to specialties such as plums, tea or milk, Moc Chau is also famous for many attractive indigenous dishes. The highlight is veal chao with the main ingredient being milk veal. The dish is prepared simply, the meat is cut into pieces and then seasoned with hot oil. Ripe veal has fragrant, soft and sweet meat, with a golden color, served with the typical ginger soy sauce in the Northwest mountains.

    In Moc Chau, stream fish is processed into many different dishes, which can be deep-fried with salted chili fish sauce, or grilled in Pa Pinh Top. The stream fish here is only the size of a little finger, when fried, both the meat and bones are crispy. In addition, other dishes you can’t miss when coming here are salmon with all kinds of dishes, salmon hot pot, pork blood soup, kitchen buffalo meat, five-color rice…

    Moc chau plum

    Moc Chau offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, with stunning natural beauty, unique cultural experiences, and delicious food. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure-filled trip, Moc Chau has something for everyone. Plan your trip to Moc Chau, Vietnam, in 2023, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.


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