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    The best things to do in Beijing China in 2023

    Beijing – the capital of China, is a city located in the North China region, consisting of 14 urban and near-urban districts and 2 rural districts, bordering two provinces, Hebei and Tianjin. As one of the most populous cities in the world, Beijing possesses the most modern transportation system with highways and railways arranged very scientifically. Beijing’s international airport is the second largest airport in the world by number of passengers.

    Formed three millennia ago, along with modern and novel architecture, Beijing still preserves valuable historical relics including magnificent palaces, ancient temples, gardens, tombs, city walls, city gates…

    best things to do in Beijing China


    Before going to prepare some basic sentences such as count, how much money, how expensive, less…
    I know a lot of people who don’t know Chinese and English but can still travel here with a translation app. The language barrier is no longer so important, what matters is whether you dare to go or not.

    best things to do in Beijing China


    • Plane.
    • Intermodal train
    • Take the train, car to Nanning, Kunming and then fly domestically.


    Beijing is the place where the most expensive room rental in China. Cheap private room also foggy 300 yuan. Dorm is about 80-150 yuan/night. People can go to Ctrip, booking, agoda to book rooms. Chinese domestic apps will have better options, but most do not accept foreign guests.
    The points in Beijing are far apart, so hotels near the metro station are the best.

    best things to do in Beijing China

    best things to do in Beijing ChinaTRANSPORTATION

    The train system here is very convenient. If you lose your way here, just find any train station and then the train will take you home.
    You should download the MetroMan app to find your way.
    Train card to buy 20 yuan at any station. Top up to go, not all refunded. The card can be used for both buses and swipes to buy tickets to small parks.
    The bus system is equally terrible with about 150 routes but takes a lot of time to wait.
    Taxis should not go at rush hour because they are charged for waiting for traffic jams.


    The best time to go to Beijing in my opinion is autumn and spring. Autumn from mid-October to mid-November, spring from mid-late March to early April. The weather is nice, a bit cold, no rain. Autumn leaves are shining everywhere. Spring is full of flowers everywhere. Summer should not go because it is the peak season. Very crowded and very bad experience. Avoid holidays altogether if possible. Check the weather on the Accuweather app.


    The Forbidden City is open until 5 p.m. on weekdays except Mondays. Tiananmen Square is welcome any time. To get to Tiananmen, you take subway line 1 Tiananmen West station, exit D. From exit D, look to the right and go back to see a place to check your passport.

    best things to do in Beijing China best things to do in Beijing China
    To the gate of Tiananmen, just cross the bridge to go inside, no ticket is lost. Inside is the Forbidden City.
    The tiny foreign ticket counter is to the right of the entrance. Ticket 40 yuan. The passport number is the entry ticket.
    Normally, when I go 4 hours, I can’t finish half of the Forbidden City because it’s too wide. The 5th time I wandered into the harem to play, beautiful but empty. Everyone should arrange time to go to the harem.
    Exit the Forbidden City and you will see Jingshan Park opposite, 10 yuan ticket. Climb up there to admire the beautiful panoramic view of the Forbidden City.

    best things to do in Beijing China

    Olympic Stadium
    Olympic Stadium take subway line 8 Olympic Sports Center station exit C.
    If you see a big bird’s nest, go in that direction. There’s an Olympic park nearby, oh my god the park is so big it can’t go away all day. Autumn comes here is very beautiful, thousands of golden ginkgo trees are brilliant. In spring, there are cherry blossoms in the forest.
    In the evening they turned on the lights and flashed a huge, huge glittering block.

    Summer Palace
    Summer Palace – The summer palace of Empress Dowager Cixi.
    Take subway line 4 to Beigongmen station exit D. Tickets are 60 yuan.
    Remember to go to Kunming Lake to rent a bicycle to enjoy the scenery. Stepping into the middle of the lake, letting yourself get lost, imagining that you are the afterlife of Queen Mother Tu Hy who is happily at the summer palace watching the mortal world have fun. It’s a wonderful feeling.
    In addition, there is Beihai park – a winter palace 3km from Tiananmen that looks similar but is called winter, and Summer Palace is summer.

    best things to do in Beijing China

    best things to do in Beijing China

    best things to do in Beijing China

    These streets are similar to each other. Old town style finished food and drink. It’s okay to go one by one, or just go to Qianmen. Food in both places is expensive, average quality.
    Nanluoguxiang take subway line 6, Nanluoguxiang station, exit B.
    Qianmen, subway line 2, Qianmen station, exit C.
    The Qianman section is better for wandering around the hutongs than just taking the main road. Each small alley is a hutong consisting of many quarters close together.
    Come here to see the life of old Beijing, find a sense of peace in the middle of a big city full of hustle and bustle. I really like Beijing Hutong.

    best things to do in Beijing China

    This is the giant golden-leaf forest that I photographed last year. This point few tourists know because it is very far. The next day, I thought of martial arts because it was too beautiful to imagine. The other famous golden leaf viewing spots are very crowded, have not seen the leaves yet were crushed by the crowd, so I do not mention here, there is a lot of information on google.
    Take the subway to Nanshao line Changping station. Exit B. Then take a 10 yuan taxi to the forest.
    You should come here from late October to mid-November when the leaves are completely yellow. Practice the profession before going. (Free tickets)

    best things to do in Beijing China


    Tianjin is so close to Beijing, it’s completely possible to go during the day. Tianjin has Italian architecture, very beautiful, very western
    Take subway line 4 to Beijing South Railway Station, exit D or subway line 14 exit A. This station is right inside the train station. Go straight to the Ticket Office to buy a high-speed ticket to Tianjin. 54.5 yuan/ticket, the train runs 350km/h, so it’s not too hot to sit yet.
    Arriving at the exit from the train station is a beautiful square shimmering like a pool that catches the eye. Going to Italian streets to live virtual all day does not end.
    In the evening, take a taxi at the eye of Tianjin to see the whole city at night. 70 yuan/ticket. Back to the square to watch the street light up. Oh my god, the first night street is Tianjin.

    best things to do in Beijing China

    The Chinese landscape deserves to be loved. Anyone who has been to China must know it. If you haven’t gone yet, don’t hesitate to pack your bags and go. Believe me, you will have a wonderful experience.
    If you have a dream, don’t hesitate to follow your dream.

    All photos by Pham Thao. Follow FB her here :


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