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    The beautiful treasure loop trail in Superstition Mountain

    In Arizona (USA), there is a place called “Superstition Mountains”, just hearing the name evokes a feeling of mystery.

    Legend has it that at the end of 1840, a man named Peter Elam went deep into the mountains, went through many dangers, and finally discovered a large gold mine, which he carefully made so that he could use it later. Gold seekers have found this gold mine, but in the end they all buried themselves in the moor, many people in the middle of the road were ambushed and killed by Indians, on the way to the gold mine were difficult and identical, extremely scary.

    loop trail in Superstition Mountain This area is overgrown with grass, jagged rocks, wild beasts popping up and down, poisonous snakes everywhere. In the mountain, there is a place called “The Lost Dutch Gold Mine”, which has caused countless brave explorers to bury themselves here.

    Let’s walk with me along the beautiful Treasure loop trail in Superstition Mountain.

    It is a bit cloudy but yet a beautiful afternoon. As you enter Lost Dutchman State Park, you already start to feel the tranquility of mother nature flowing into your soul. You park and look around. Few photographers are doing portrait or family shoot trying to capture moments for their clients.

    loop trail in Superstition Mountain

    Few hikers are returning from trails and some are arriving. You start walking along the trail a little up, you pause for a while and again, look around. It is quieter here. With desert in full bloom, the beauty is all around you and it is simply breathtaking. On the left, your eyes take you over the carpet of cholla all the way to the Four Peaks.

    loop trail in Superstition Mountain

    The peaks are partly covered by clouds, coming out for a moment then disappearing again. You take a deep breath and feel grateful just to exist. Few fellow hikers pass you with smiling face and chirping birds time to time to cheer you up. You walk a little more up and then stop again. Groups of yellow spring flowers are here and there – shining from golden hour light to brighten you day.

    As you pass the yellow canvas, you notice more wild flowers – some are bluish or purple but a bit shy, you get closer to discover their beauty. As you keep walking, you discover that the magnificent mountain remains same but the view gets different and beautiful in its unique way as you put spring flowers or cholla cacti in the front.

    loop trail in Superstition MountainThe mountain looks unreal with the glittering cholla in the foreground. You walk a little more up on the dirt trail and turn back to take a look on the west sky. You feel immensely peaceful looking at those clouds painted with sunset light in between. You want to stay longer but it is getting dark, so you start walking back. As you exit the trail, you turn around and take a last look on the majestic mountain -always so lively and gives you all the positive energy and vibes to begin the next day. You take a deep breath and feel grateful just to exist.

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