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    Some tips of going to a bar alone and still having fun

    After a long tiring day, stopping by a bar for a glass of wine is always a good idea to recharge your batteries.

    People often tend to go to the bar with a group of friends or choose this place as a date place for 2 people. However, going to a bar alone makes for an even better experience.

    Sometimes, adults need their own space. A glass of wine in a dim space where you can contemplate life and watch people around helps you to improve your mood.

    tips bar alone

    Let go of the idea that going to the bar alone is strange. A bar owner said that his restaurant often receives customers alone. They come here to experience the service, delicious drinks or want to talk to the bartender, going alone is not embarrassing.

    Going to a bar alone is the best way for you to balance your emotions after stressful working hours.

    “For me, going to a bar alone is like opening my limits. Enjoying the bar atmosphere makes me comfortable. I can also make new friends in a strange place. Or when in the mood. , couldn’t find a more suitable place, at the bar I could even cry without anyone noticing,” a reader shared.

    If you are still hesitant between wanting to go to the bar alone and afraid to get lost, the following shares will help you go to the bar alone but still have fun.

    1. Choose the right space

    tips bar alone

    Before you decide to go to the bar alone, you should already have a reason why you want to do it. So, choosing a bar that matches the mood is important.

    If you are in a bad mood and want to be alone, shops with a private space, not too crowded and with a gentle, cozy style will be suitable for you. If you are afraid of crowds, you can choose to go early, when there are few customers or choose a private seat.

    For those who want to go to a bar to experience a new feeling, bars with a fun and vibrant style will be more suitable for you. You can open your heart to chat with the bartender or the people around. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find friends here.

    2. Should sit near the bartender

    tips bar alone

    Unless you want to be completely alone and not chat with anyone, you should choose to sit at the bar to chat with the bartender. The bartender will learn and know what you are looking for.

    Talking to the bartender will definitely help you feel better. They won’t judge your sadness, any story you want to share will be heard by the bartender.

    Sometimes, they will share knowledge about wine or cocktails or perspective on an issue. Watching the bartender mix is also a fun experience. This will make your evening more meaningful.

    Especially for girls, when sitting at the bar, the bartender will keep an eye on you when you need to go out to avoid bad cases like being drugged with alcohol.

    3. Don’t get drunk

    Advice for people who go to bars alone is not to get drunk. If you don’t know which cocktail to choose, let the bartender help you.

    Bars will often have menus. But most bartenders can create a cocktail specifically for guests based on taste requirements. Or simply let them know how you’re feeling today.

    Enjoying your own cocktail can give you a special feeling.

    A small note is that you should send the address of the restaurant to your relatives so they can understand your situation. In addition, if it is not the first time going to a bar, you should choose familiar shops to ensure your safety.


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