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    Review camping at Ky Phu pine hill in Ninh Binh Vietnam -The romantic place for couples

    With cool air, peaceful and romantic scenery, Ky Phu pine hill in Nho Quan Ninh Binh Vietnam is like a “little Da Lat” hidden in the middle of the ancient ancient capital. A very “lovely” place to visit, camping and check-in.

    “Ky Phu pine hill in Ninh Binh Vietnam -The romantic place for couples”

    Where is Ky Phu Pine Hill?

    Ky Phu pine hill

    Ninh Binh is known as one of the top famous tourist destinations of the North of VIetnam. The landscape here is endowed with diverse beauty by nature, not only familiar famous landscapes such as: Trang An scenic spot, Mua cave, Van Long lagoon,… A place that brings new beauty. such as the Ky Phu pine hill in Nho Quan is also a new factor attracting tourists from far away to come here.

    People especially young people when it comes to hills usually feel very excited. In the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, there is also a beautiful pine hill that is not inferior. Ky Phu Pine hill is located in 2 communes Phu Loc and Phu Long of Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh. It’s only about 30km from the city center, so it can be reached easily.

    Ky Phu pine hill
    How to go to Ky Phu Pine Hill in Ninh Binh

    The coordinates of Ky Phu pine hill are less than 130km from Hanoi, you can go here by motorbike is the most convenient. From Hanoi, take a bus to stop at Nho Quan bus station or travel by private vehicle for the initiative. Then follow the directions of Google Maps or ask the locals to go to the pine hill, park the car at the foot of the hill and walk to the check-in location, sightseeing.

    Ky Phu pine hill

    The ideal time to go to Ky Phu Pine Hill

    Each season in Ky Phu pine hill brings its own impressive beauty, you can come at any time of the year according to a suitable schedule. The most impressive time can be mentioned as:

    – In the summer, the landscape is green and cool to enjoy the open air.

    – The first days of winter are warm and sunny, the air is just a little chilly, extremely comfortable. Going to the pine hill to admire the scenery, take pictures, check in or organize camping are also experiences that bring great impressions.

    Ky Phu pine hill

    What is beautiful about Ky Phu pine hill in Ninh Binh?

    Spectacular beautiful scenery and wild
    According to the experience of Ninh Binh handbook, this is an eco-tourism area that the backpacking enthusiasts can hardly ignore. With a large area, pine hill has wild natural beauty, no hands and people have much impact, so coming here feels extremely relaxed. The tall pine trees grow in a straight line, looking up will see the rays of the sun shining down creating a mesmerizing scene.

    Every corner of Ky Phu pine hill is strangely attractive, from the dirt road on both sides with lawns to wooden chairs to take pictures. The green pine hill beside the peaceful Dong Chuong lake, the gentle breezes blow past, making our hearts feel fluttered and restless, indescribable, forever immersed and not wanting to get out.

    Discover a “Little Dalat”
    The pine hills in Da Lat are poetic, the Ky Phu pine hill in Ninh Binh is equally “mysterious”, ensuring that anyone who comes for the first time must also be fascinated with the peaceful scenery here. Especially in the early morning or in the afternoon when the romantic sun shines through the leaves on the shoulders of the footsteps of travelers passing by.

    Wanting to check in beautifully with Ky Phu pine hill does not have to be fussy. Just choose for yourself a beautiful vintage outfit and a camera to be able to freely capture impressive moments. This pine hill is not only a favorite place for young people to check in, but also a famous wedding photography location in Ninh Binh. Beautiful romantic scene, why not come to mingle and record memorable moments.

    Super nice camping and picnic spot
    The air in Ky Phu pine hill is spacious, fresh and extremely cool, so this is one of the camping sites in Ninh Binh worth going to. Weekends or free time, you can prepare your belongings with your relatives or friends on the way to this pine hill to organize camping and picnics.

    Coming together to set up a tent, light a fire and organize barbecues among the wild pine hills is an impressive feeling that you will hardly get elsewhere. At night when it’s cold, together by the warm fire, talking all night and having fun. Because tourism has not been developed much, you should take the initiative to bring camping and food.

    Ky Phu pine hill

    Other attractions near Ky Phu pine hill

    • Cuc Phuong National Park: a famous nature reserve in Vietnam with extremely diverse ecosystems. Here you can participate in the trekking journey to explore the unspoiled nature, see rare species of flora and fauna.
    • Thien Ha Cave: a place that will make you overwhelmed by the surreal and impressive beauty like a shimmering galaxy appearing before your eyes. An interesting cave with thousands of bats living, an interesting place to explore near Ky Phu pine hill in Ninh Binh is also loved by many people.
    • Dong Chuong Lake: fresh water lake next to pine hill with impressive natural scenery. Blue water surface, smooth ripples, an extremely “virtual living” check-in place in Ninh Binh.
    • Phu Doi Ngang spiritual tourist area: This impressive attraction is a very famous spiritual and cultural relic in the belief of Mother Goddesses in our country, worshiping Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh and Boy Doi Ngang.

    Some notes when visiting Ky Phu pine hill

    • For those who come here for the first time, finding the way as well as moving is a bit difficult. If you are not good at finding your way around and to be on the safe side, you should look for people on the street or ask locals for more information.
    • If you want to camp in Ky Phu pine hill, you should go in groups, especially at night to support each other safely.
    • When going to the pine hill to visit, picnic should take the initiative to bring food and drink because there are no restaurants here. After returning home, remember to bring your garbage back, don’t litter that affects the environment!

    Ky Phu pine hill

    If you don’t know where to go for a weekend stay near Hanoi but still have fun, then go to Ky Phu pine hill in Nho Quan Ninh Binh. The scenery along with interesting activities will make you forget all your fatigue, relax and have a happy holiday. Especially it is extremely romantic for couples.


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