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    Kong Collapse sinkhole – The deepest and most beautiful sinkhole in Vietnam

    Kong Collapse sinkhole is assessed by US cave experts as the deepest in Vietnam, which has been put into operation after a period of survey, assessment and evaluation. develop a project to exploit eco-adventure tourism.

    Kong Collapse sinkhole

    “Kong sinkhole – The deepest and most beautiful sinkhole in Vietnam”

    Kong Collapse Sinkhole is located in the Tiger Cave system, Phong Nha – Ke Bang area, Quang Binh province. First found in 1997 by a British royal cave expert during the annual discovery journey at Phong Nha – Ke Bang.

    Kong Collapse sinkhole

    At that time, this sinkhole was only accessible by swimming through Dai A cave, also known as Tiger cave. Everything just stops there and this sinkhole is temporarily called a closed sinkhole because there is no way out. The cave experts at that time left a question mark on the cave map.

    It wasn’t until more than 20 years later that Jungle Boss, a unit specializing in cave exploration in Quang Binh, discovered an eye socket of this super sinkhole thanks to a drone flying device. When the drone is raised to the maximum allowed range, this super sinkhole appears with a strange shape of the monster King Kong, a very famous character in the blockbuster Kong Skull Island filmed in Quang Binh. before.

    According to experts, this is a big surprise in the overlapping limestone system of Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Because this form of cave is very strange and wonderful that nature has created for millions of years. Most of the caves have a vertical height, no different from giant skylights and very little slope.

    Kong Collapse sinkhole

    Kong Collapse sinkhole

    Recently, Jungle Boss explorers returned to this sinkhole to explore and measure the depth of the sinkhole from the highest point to the bottom about 450m. At the same time, we also discovered 3 ways to enter the sinkhole: swimming through Dai A cave, swinging overhead from the crater or walking, although it is a bit difficult.

    Impressed with the unique shape of this super sinkhole, the Jungle Boss expedition decided to name the sinkhole Kong Collapse, based on the name of the giant gorilla in the movie. Since then, Kong Collapse was born and has become one of the top destinations for adventure enthusiasts.

    Kong Collapse sinkhole

    Kong Collapse sinkhole

    Although opened to visitors, the tour to Kong is also quite limited because of its unique difficult nature.
    Currently, this sinkhole has been put into tourism operation with the support of experts and porters, ensuring the safety of visitors. Kong Collapse is part of a 3-day 2-night tour of the Tiger Cave system.

    After 8 km of walking from the starting point, guests will come to Dai A cave which is the gateway to the sinkhole. Here, visitors will choose to swim through the cave or walk in the other direction and swing underground.

    In the total journey of about 60 hours, the delegation will have to walk more than 20 km of forest roads, penetrate 6.5 km of caves, swim through underground rivers about 500 m with a water temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius. physically and mentally are very high, visitors must do their best to exercise heavily in continuous time.

    Kong Collapse sinkhole

    The Tiger Cave tour is open to visitors, but Kong Collapse is only open to healthy and adventurous people. At Son Doong Cave nearby, there are also two sinkholes so wide that there is a forest inside.

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