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    A few tips for travelling Sapa from Hanoi

    Planning a visit to Hanoi? I would strongly recommend a trip to visit Sapa whilst you’re there!

    Me and my wife recently visited Sapa and it was one of our favourite places in Vietnam out of our entire 3 months travelling so far! We thought it was really underrated by tourists and couldn’t believe that we’d almost missed going!
    Sapa is a small mountain town north of Hanoi. The town itself is nice, but the scenery surrounding it is INCREDIBLE.

    Sapa travel tips

    Here are a few tips for Sapa:

    • We went hiking in the Muong Hoa Valley – setting off from Sapa at the top of the mountain and walking to the bottom of the valley. We LOVED it, it was probably the most scenic walk we’ve EVER done (check out the pics). For us this was worth visiting Sapa by itself.
    • Getting the cable car up Mount Fansipan (the tallest mountain in Vietnam and IndoChina) was a fantastic experience (so much so that we’ll do a separate post about this).
    • Moana is a cliffside viewpoint with some incredible views of the mountains / valley (It’s an Insta photopoint which isn’t usually my thing but there were hardly any queues and the scenery was so good that I loved it).
    • There were so many cafes / bars / restaurants with amazing views of the mountains and valley.
    • Chicago Pizza Sapa did amazing pizza, and we’d definitely recommend checking it out (it was our favourite restaurant in Sapa)!
    • Sun Plaza (the fanciest hotel in Sapa) has a fancy rooftop bar with great views. We were super shocked how expensive it was though (VND 300k per cocktail!) so definitely not one for people on a tight budget.
    • If you’re looking for a cheap hotel, CatCat Sunrise is super cheap (roughly £10 / $12 per night), very basic, but clean, centrally located, and has amazing views (request in advance one of the rooms with the views as they don’t all)
    • Most people get to Sapa by sleeper bus. We booked a ‘VIP’ sleeper bus but it was hardly VIP. I think we were unlucky, but we’ll probably use Limousines (modern minibuses) from now on.

    Hopefully with the above A few tips for travelling Sapa you will have an ideal trip to Sapa.

    Post by Grant Sanderson

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